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This is a mix-up of several encounters with my customers

as well as flying scenes on private jets around europe


My laptop is always with me,

beacuse the next charter is just behind the corner.


You can see Nani, Fabinho, Icardi, Shaqiri, Miranda, Criscito,

Paredes, Kjaer, K.Balde.



I’ve planned a friendly visit to my PARCEIRO Fabinho; 

I didn’t want to come empty hands. 

After few discussions with my friend Alberto Franceschi, CEO of Hide&Jack, an amazing Italian shoes brand,  we bought our airline tickets plus one for our friend Francesco Vitiello, a video maker of Philipp Plein I met last summer, to shoot our visit and create some cool content. 

During Man Utd-Liverpool game we felt the true Premier League atmosphere.

Next day we offered a nice shooting to Rebeca Tavares (Fabinho’s wife) with her new kicks ; we also played FIFA with Fabi

(he beatead us all, but with me the game was bit tighter: 2-3) 

Finally, we headed to a charm restaurant downtown Liverpool to celebrate friendship  and exchange ideas, jokes and spending a great time. 

I knew already how friendly and nice humble person Fabinho was, 

but Alberto and Francesco were astonished of how nice human being Fabi and his wife are. 

This is for me a higher goal than selling a jet, 

gathering nice people together, in order to know each other and share their work. 

It’s visible Fabinho is a great guy 

Rebeca is always smiling and quite the opposite of stereotypes of footballer-wife 

Alberto kicks are WOW 

Francesco video edit was super cool 

Enjoy the video!

One year ago I got to meet Felice Massa, 

the Sport Marketing Director for Philippe Plein.


We liked each other and decided to do some nice content with nice clothing, nice jets and of course nice football players.


I’ve chose Domenico Criscito and Danny Gomes from my portfolio,

beacuse they know me since day one and I was proud to bring them the attention of such big brand.


This charter was really special,

an amazing day for me and my customers, which are first of all friends.


Trust and reputation in football is essential for success.


Also Philipp published this video!







I like surprising people with gifts or small attentions when

they don’t expect it at all. 

It was time offering to my dear customer Mauro Icardi something special, 

but imagine how difficult is to find something for such a football player which can literally have all he can imagine. 

So, I have to imagine something he could not imagine: 

A pair of shoes representing him only. 

On this custom-made Nike’s Air Force one I made sure to include: 

his logo, his stadium, his origins, his family 

and also, a tiny airplane flying from Rosario (his town) to Milan (his current city) to Moscow (I wished he would make it to World Cup 2018). 

After a football match, I handed the shoes to him and

few days later I’ve sent him a video, 

which he also posted! 

Italian sport news had pictures of him walking in the stadium with new kicks. 

We are goal oriented. Mission accomplished. 

Enjoy the video! 

Mauro post:

With Christmas behind the corner,

I ordered a nice oil paint for Miranda!


The delivery was quite fast and he liked it a lot!

legend says the paint is on his living room wall.


Merry Xmas hermano.


Paint Artist:




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