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About Us

Imagine a big industry like aviation and imagine a particular area of it, such us private aviation.
Then imagine hundreds of factories (broker companies) feeding the clientele with thousands of charter services.

Finally, imagine a small boutique, which tailor made few charters for few customers.
There you go, welcome in our boutique.

In the boutique you’ll not find old airplanes nor companies with questionable reputation
because we believe that cruising at Mach 0.80 at 41000 feets is not something to make an economy on it.

What everyone calls a private jet it is in fact a jet airplane owned by someone who put it at disposal of an operator for commercial purposes.
It is not your private jet, as you don’t privately own it.

Once you have rented a jet for a specific trip, your flight experience will be subject to many characters:

-the charter contract
-the operator of the airplane
-the crew 
-the airports 
-the regulations
-the air traffic control
-the weather

We are committed to represent your interest at the maximum of our knowledge.
Our role is to constantly scan the status of your flight from the request stage to touchdown at destination, 
proactively anticipating the factors which may endanger your flight experience quality.






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